What to expect:


There is NOTHING in the world like those first few days and weeks with your newborn baby.

We are tired and excited, and busy with diapers and bottles. We adjust to new routines and sleeping schedules.

My goal is to make stress less day for you. When parents are stressed and anxious, kids will also pick up on stress and hello chaos of stress and anxiousness. So don't worry if we need a break, wether it is to change a diaper or needing a snack or simply taking a breath. I am here for you.

Indoor Sessions:

Lifestyle Newborn sessions are taken in the comfort of your own home.

  • In home sessions take place in the morning or early afternoon for the best lighting.
  • You are more than welcome to send me photographs of your home before I arrive or I can take a look around and spot the best locations with the light we need.
  • You only need to declutter the areas of your home that we will be using.
  • If you have any specific room requests or activities, please let me know ahead of time on your questionnaire

Upon Arrival

  • Please turn up the heat (or the air down!) in your home so that keep your home a little extra toasty for baby.
  • Feed baby during the 30 minutes RIGHT before I am scheduled to arrive. ( These two keep your baby sleepy and happy)
  • When I arrive I will take a quick look around your home and we will make a game plan on where we want to start and what rooms we want to use for your session based off of your window lighting.
  • You are always welcome to email me photos of your home beforehand if you wish.

During your Session

  • I will start with family portraits and sibling photos and move on to baby only and parents after any siblings are finished so that they may play.
  • During your session, I will photograph you and your family snuggling with baby, as well as document all the little unposed details of being a baby. I go with the flow capturing timeless and sweet images of your growing family.
  • Your sessions will run at 2 hours and are flexible with time to allow you to take breaks and feed your baby.
  • Tip: I almost always photograph my families on the master bed, so it’s worth choosing bedding that compliments your outfit choices. If in doubt go neutral.

Essential Tips

  1. Questionnaire: Please make sure to fill out your Newborn questionnaire for me at least 1-2 months prior to your session date. If you can do it before baby arrives, that way you know it's done and off your plate before you are sleep deprived.
  2. Feeding Baby: PLEASE read this! Newborns eat A LOT. I get it. Please do your absolute best to feed baby as much as possible during the hour before I arrive, babies who are hungry will NOT be as cooperative as those who are well fed and full. If you are bottle feeding, please have one available and if you are nursing, if you are able to pump and bring a bottle that is great. If you are exclusively nursing, again, please try and feed baby during the 30 minutes right before I am scheduled to arrive. We are going to be moving baby around and messing with them, which they just don't tolerate if they are hungry. If you need time to get yourself ready Mom, I can go ahead and start with baby and Dad/siblings while you get dressed for photos!
  3. Scheduling: Most newborn sessions take place within 2-3 weeks of birth. I consider up to 3 months old still a 'newborn'. Since babies arrival can vary, we don't bother to make a set date for your actual session until baby is born.
  4. Screens (and children): PARENTS, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep your iPhone/iPad, etc. put away, unless you want to pretend it’s another member of the family. You may think waving the cell phone in front of little Johnny while he watches Elmo on YouTube is the sure fire way to get him to laugh, but most likely he will want to hold it himself (little Johnny is an independent boy, after all!) and will then enter the ‘zone out’ stage where he refuses to let that magical little device leave his death grip. Trust me, the 'distract them' with the screen almost ALWAYS backfires.
  5. Screens (and adults): With that being said, the majority of our time together you'll be very busy interacting with your children. However, if you want to take behind the scenes videos or photos, I would love to see them! Please only do so if it won't be a distraction to your children and if it's a photo showing off your experience. I love being able to share those on my social media accounts, so if you post it, tag me, or feel free to send it my way after the session so I can share it!
  6. Extended Family Members: Family sessions are for immediate family only. Please tell anyone who is not in your immediate family (aka Grandma and Grandpa) to stay home. No exceptions.
  7. Snacks: Please keep all snacks and bribes put away and ONLY take them out in the event of a true emergency. As in, nothing else is working and your kid is for real not having it. I am not above bribing, but again, unless you want the Teddy Grahams (and Blippi) a part of your family photos, try and keep them put away and save them as a post session reward snack.
  8. Basic Kid Prep: Kids should be well rested and fed BEFORE your session time. Tired and hungry kids are cranky, and nobody wants that during photos, right? Things happen, naps get cut short (and it’s always when you don’t want them too) so don’t panic if things don’t go as planned. Honestly, I get it. I just ask you do your best!
  9. When Children Just Won't Cooperate: In the event you have a child who ‘seriously ain’t having it’, take a deep breath. We can take a break for a few minutes, and try and figure out what the problem is. Some kids are fussier and want nothing to do with photos, and this is how they’ll be no matter what day we attempt a session. Others, if there is an issue, we can try and figure out what it is. Please refrain from disciplining your child during the session, unless it is necessary. Kids need reminders sometimes and can get a little wild in front of someone new. But, we want to try and not ‘sweat the small stuff’ during photos and get through this together to avoid any epic meltdowns.
  10. Sick Children: If your child is sick, please, please, cancel your appointment. I dislike rescheduling, as I am sure you do, but I would MUCH rather reschedule if a little one is sick than have a crying, snotty nosed baby who feels and looks awful during your families photos! Kids get sick, it happens, and I do understand!